Why Mobile Bar Hire Is Essential For Your Wedding

Posted On Aug 04, 2022.

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 Your wedding bar can literally make the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding.

Think about it –drinks are just par for the course, and part of the whole enjoyment of a wedding.

Everyone lets loose, has fun, and enjoys themselves.

And nothing kills the mood faster than getting to the bar and finding out it’s “how much?!” for a pint.

Or sitting through the ceremony dreaming about sipping margaritas with the bride, like the good old days, only to find out the wedding bar doesn’t do cocktails.

And the reason is, not all wedding bars are created equal.

 Typically if you get married in a Stately Home-type venue they will have their own in-house bar, and the terms and conditions of getting married at the venue usually state that you’re not allowed to bring in outside caterers / suppliers.

Because part of how the venue makes their money at a wedding is through all of the drinks that guests purchase over the 10 hour period.

Allowing mobile bars to come in and serve all of the drinks would be counter-productive for the venue, but their bar might not offer the same variety of drinks that a mobile bar can.

So, reason number one is choice.

If you’re a bride and groom whose lifestyle heavily features Old Fashioneds, Mojitos and the rest, then do you really want to miss out on being able to drink your favourites on a day that is all about you and everything you love?

Mobile bar hire can provide all of the drinks that your venue is not able to.

And even if they want to cater for the drinks in-house, a lot of venues allow couples to bring in a mobile cocktail bar if that’s a service that the venue doesn’t offer – which means more choice for you. 

 The second reason is price.

As an independent bar provider we get to set and choose our own prices and we have a number of packages to suit whatever your wedding budget.

Of if you’re having a bar where the guests are paying for their drinks, which means free bar hire for you, our prices are purse and wallet-friendly so your guests can enjoy indulging without breaking the bank.

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